Westworld set.

Westworld season coming to M-Net (DStv Channel 101) and DStv Now.

HBO is truly a gift that keeps on giving. The American cable network renewed the second season of Westworld on M-Net this year. To add the cherry on top, HBO is in the process of constructing a Westworld- themed park!

The inspiration behind the reconstruction of the town of Sweetwater is to get the fans amped up for the upcoming season. 


The once-in-a-lifetime tour has been named the “Live Without Limits Weekend”, and it can be enjoyed at Austin, Texas. Fans of the show will get the full experience which includes a tour of the town and Easter Eggs on the new season. 



The journey starts with the visitors being carted by the “Delos Shuttle” the selection process similar to that of the show in the first season consists of interviews and an evaluation process, thereafter a white or black hat is allocated.

Some of the attractions include Coronado Hotel and the Mariposa Saloon which will be inhabited by skilled actors.  

Sweetwater would not be the same without its cuisine and beverages. And of course, not forgetting the touch non-robotic horses which add more to the experience.

If you missed the first season of Westworld, watch all ten episodes from the first season of Westworld on Showmax available to DStv Premium customers at no extra cost.