Connie Furgeson who plays Harriet Khoza on The Queen.

Harriet is in a pickle, she made serious mistakes in covering up her tracks when she killed Jerry Maake. Find out how the queen could have stayed clear of Vee's radar.

Things are heating up on The Queen airing weekdays on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) and on DStv Now at 21:00. It would appear that the walls are finally closing in on Harriet Khoza.

The good detective Vuyiswa Jola has finally got the evidence she needs to nail the queen for the murder of her parter (and crush) Jerry Maake. Harriet has gotten away with the murder of her own hubby (Mzi Khoza) and Jerry’s son Mogapi, and now it appears that her luck has finally run out.

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The Queen

With Jerry’s murder, Harriet made some serious blunders that could have avoided her capture in the first place.

Let the trophy burn

We were left baffled when Harriet took home the trophy she used to knock out Jerry before shooting him. The bloodied trophy should have been burned to a crisp along with Jerry and the Maake household. When Kwanele saw Harriet take out the trophy in the safe we felt like screaming "We told you so Harriet".

Give the cops an alternate suspect

With the bad blood between the two families, The Khoza’s were always going to be the main suspects. We all know Jerry was a good cop and must have put a lot of baddies behind bars. Would it be far-fetched for a criminal to order a hit on the goody-two-shoes cop who sent him to jail?

It would appear that the queen has been backed into a corner, but she always finds ways to wiggle her way out of sticky situations. Can she pull off another Houdini act? Find out by tuning into The Queen weekdays on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) and DStv Now at 21:00. You can also catch the highlights on Catch Up on your Explora and online.

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