Channel CEO of Zee TV and Zee World.

Zee TV (452) and Zee World (166) have had incredible success on DStv tapping in to the extravagant and wonderful culture and intrigue of Indian entertainment and culture. We chatted to channel CEO, Harish Goyal about the channels success and what’s to come in the future.

Speaking about Zee TV, their flagship channel, being in the country for 19 years, Goyal proudly discussed the success seen over the many years. He made mention of the importance of the channel being an avenue for Indian viewership to be able to keep in touch with their roots whilst in South Africa. With Zee World, only just over a year in broadcast, Goyal explained how it has grown in leaps and bounds over the time. 

Discussing their association with the Miss Indian South Africa Pageant, Goyal went on to discuss the exciting endeavors the channel has been involved in. He went on to explain about the new category introduced Miss Zee South Africa with the prize including a trip to India as well as auditions in the media industry. This year, the winner was Shilpa Govan who was lucky enough after much hard work to jet off to Mumbai to realise her dreams and give it a shot at super stardom.

“We are extremely proud to bring Bollywood to the country,” Goyal exclaimed happily. Goyal went on to say that Bollywood and the Zee brand are considered synonymous in South Africa. If you’re looking for a dose of culture and fun, Zee TV and Zee World are able to bring the excitement and enjoyment straight to your television screens! 

What makes the Zee brand able to bring back viewers is their understanding of what they want and would like to see. Goyal shared with us details of their recent Bollywood concert (of many) from earlier in the year that had everyone raving. “A part from this, we’re bringing the latest shows,” said Goyal. From The Voice India to the latest dramas and lifestyle series, the Zee brand offers some of the finest Indian entertainment for everyone to enjoy. 

Why are people hooked on Indian entertainment? “All of us go to the television looking for escapism. We do our work [and] when it’s our time we look how we can escape and unwind,” says Goyal proudly “Bollywood fortunately provides that. It provides drama, dance, colour, songs and music. Transporting us to a different world with a special experience.”

Goyal ended our conversation by saying that Zee TV and Zee World provide wholesome, family entertainment. “The beauty of the content is that three generations can sit together and enjoy the channel’s offerings,” he said. 

If you’re looking to enjoy the best in Indian entertainment make certain to check out the great shows on Zee World on DStv and Zee TV only on DStv Indian today!