Massive machines, beautiful animals and impressive orchards and fields.

Come travel with us and meet South Africa’s best farmers with Landbouweekblad, South Africa’s biggest and most influential agricultural magazine.

Watch Tuesdays at 19:30 on VIA, DStv Channel 147, and streaming live on DStv Now. Repeat episodes can also be watched Sundays at 17:30.

These farmers determine the agenda, think innovatively and in doing so solve the country’s greatest problems. They are big farmers, small farmers, male farmers, female farmers, white and of colour. And then, of course, there are massive machines, beautiful animals and impressive orchards and fields. 

VIA’s new programme, Landbouweekliks, will not only shed light on the technical aspects of agriculture but also on the farmers’ visions and life journeys. Experts will also share advice and information weekly and Landbouweekblad’s editor and a few journalists will also make an appearance. This TV show is a partnership between VIA and Landbouweekblad, South Africa’s biggest agriculture magazine.

In every episode, the beloved radio-and-TV personality Ivor Price will travel to farms across South Africa. He will meet remarkable farmers with tonnes of enthusiasm for the agricultural industry as well as the team of people who work together to take the farm forward. As the Lowveld farmer Milaan Thalwitzer explains in the first episode, “You cannot run a business and industry if you don’t have good workers. Therefore, we go out of our way to give our workers as many advantages as possible.” 

‘Do more with less’ 

“Our farmers are among the best managers in our economy,” says Chris Burgess, editor-in-chief of Landbouweekblad. “Not only must they successfully manage a multitude of variables such as the weather and inflation, which are greatly beyond their control, but they must also come up with innovative solutions to almost insurmountable problems. One of these problems is their input costs usually rise faster than the price of the product they’re producing. They always have to think differently, not just with their machinery but also with their heads, in order to do more with less. The result: remarkable people with an extraordinary perspective that will surprise and astound viewers.
Experience farmers as you’ve never experienced them before.” 

Ivor visits various farms – from winter and summer grains, livestock, fruit and wine, to successful empowerment projects. In Landbouweekliks Ivor rolls up his sleeves for some hard labour on the farm. This makes for great humour and offers valuable insight into daily life on the farm. Through the hard work, sweat and conversation, we learn how important the agricultural industry truly is in South Africa. 

“VIA’s lifestyle content offers the ideal platform for a modern agriculture show which emphasises South Africans who farm to the full,” says Izelle Venter, channel head of VIA. “The program will not only grab the attention of the agricultural industry but will also appeal to consumers who want to understand where their food comes from.” 

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by Alice da Silva