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This week on Carte Blanche‎ the fearless journos investigate the SARS Rogue Report, missing planes that vanish in thin air and the New York Rooftop Gardens.  Tune in on M-Net (DStv Channel 101), Sunday 24 September 2017 at 19:00 also streaming live on DStv Now, and again on M-Net Plus 1 (DStv Channel 901) at 20:00.

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MKRSA: Mr and Mrs plate up

New Wedding Bashers competition is on

KPMG: The Unravelling

The so-called SARS Rogue Report, compiled by KPMG, had devastating consequences for the stability of the South African Revenue Services. Then the international auditing firm withdrew its findings, forcing eight executives and the CEO to resign in the midst of the crisis. But SARS insists that there’s nothing wrong with the controversial report. Carte Blanche analyses the damage.

Producer: Nicky Troll

Presenter: John Webb

Researcher: Laura Byrne

Missing Planes

We all think airliners are tracked with pin-point precision throughout the flight, but that’s not quite the case. On long haul flights over oceans, airliners vanish from radar for a few hours. Pilots radio their position to the airline’s operations team every hour, making this is the only way for airlines to know where their aircraft are. Consider also that airliners fly at speeds of nearly 850km/h. This results in a very large search area in the case of a missing aircraft. But, through ingenious, locally developed technology, missing planes like Malaysian Airlines flight 370 could be a thing of the past.   

Producer: Eugene Botha

Presenter: Nhlanhla Sehume

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New York Rooftop Gardens

A farm in the middle of New York City. No space you say? A group of idealists not only developed the biggest rooftop farm in the US and probably the world, but managed to turn the initiative into a massive commercial venture. Carte Blanche meets the entrepreneurial individuals who turned a seemingly impossible left-field idea into a sky-high success.

Producer: Diana Lucas

Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender

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