Alone on Zee TV, woman in bath with creepy hands reaching for her throat with man behind

Dedicated Halloween special weekend movies on Zee TV will have you watching from the edge of your seat.

This month Zee TV’s dedicated Halloween specials will have you watching weekend movies on the edge of your seat.

Be afraid! Be very afraid! Here’s what's in store on Zee TV, DStv Channel 452.

Aatma (Feel It Around You) on Saturday 7 October at 22:00. Starring the gorgeous Biphasha Basu as Maya, a mother who suddenly notices her daughter Nia's strange behaviour as she claims to be able to see and talk to her dead father.

On Saturday 14 October at 22:00, Pizza tells the story of a boy sent to make a delivery to a family with a very deep, dark secret.  As a non-believer of the supernatural, will he be able to survive the evil lurking in the shadows?

1920 London airs Saturday 21 October at 22:00.  Released last year, this is the story of Veer, heir to the Royal family in Rajasthan. He is hospitalized after moving to London with his wife, Shivangi. When Veer’s condition deteriorates with his body contorting unnaturally and him growling strangely, the helpless and frightened Shivangi thinks that her husband’s condition might stem from black magic.

Alone on Saturday 28 October at 22:00 also features Bipasha Basu and real-life husband, Karan Singh Grover in the lead roles. When conjoined twins Anjana and Sanjana (played by Basu) decide to separate, one twin dies, leaving the other feeling guilty about surviving. Sanjana and Kabir marry and try to leave the past behind them, but will the dead sister allow them to live in peace?

Be sure to keep your remote locked onto Zee TV (DStv Channel 452) for the horror fest this Halloween season.

by Alice da Silva