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Check out our Q&A with Hakeen Kae-Kazim, Mr Scott from Black Sails.

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Filmed in Cape Town and produced by some of the same team that brought us Game of Thrones, this show is taking TVs by storm.

We had a few questions for Hakeen Kae-Kazim who plays resident right hand man Mr Scott to Eleanor Guthrie – the weapons dealer.

What is your most memorable moment from the set?

I don't want to give anything away, but one of my most memorable moments was a particular scene where I'm down in the hold of the ship. They put the ship on the gimbal and it's rocking and it's rolling, and this is the first time I'd been down there. They're throwing a lot of water on the set and all that sort of thing. Just working in that and then having to do a fight scene within that and working in that space for the first time, that was pretty memorable.

What was the biggest challenge that you have had as an actor, but also as a person, to do Black Sails?

As an actor just really developing and trying to find this character, understand the world that they're in, and really trying to find truth within the character and within the piece as a whole. That's always a challenge. The other challenge is obviously being away from family for such a long time.

Do you have any pre-shoot ritual to get you in the zone?

Really just making sure that I have some quiet space around me. Sometimes when people come and talk to me or try and talk to me in that time, I'm zoned out, just trying to focus on what I'm about to do, so those sort of things. That's my ritual. Really it's just doing my voice warm-up and making sure that the articulation comes out into it and zoning in, in a self-meditative way, trying to zone into the character and what I'm about to do.

If you could go back to the start and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

I think it would be relax! It's always very nerve racking when you start these big TV series and you're trying to really see if what you've done in terms of your character is going to work and all those sort of things. I think at the start of it, for me it would have been just relax and just enjoy the ride from the very beginning.

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