Graham Hetrick from I Speak for the Dead on INvestigation Discovery.

Get a direct look into the world of forensics and the person involved in working with a dead body to find the answers needed to conclude an investigation.

Do the dead and the unknown give you the chills? Then we bet the following is going make your hair stand on edge. 

I Speak for the Dead S2 starts on Friday 1 December at 22:55 on Investigation Discovery (DStv channel 171) which sees Graham Hetrick in his profession as a coroner and medical legal death investigator.

I Speak for the Dead follows the notion that every ‘body’ has a story to tell whether they’re alive or dead. In his 25 years as a coroner for Dauphin County in Pennsylvania, USA, Hetrick has been involved in over 700 suspicious death investigations. From death by poison to the possible theory of serial killers, Hetrick has seen it all during his career. Follow him as he searches for clues from the dead while the police question the living.

Find Graham Hetrick’s profession as fascinating as we do? Here are some interesting bits of info we dug up about being a coroner and medical legal death investigator as well as more on the man himself.

- Hetrick grew up above a funeral home and believes that becoming a coroner was always his “calling”.

- Hetrick’s role as a medical legal death investigator sees him having to rely on both the science and biological aspects.  When looking at a body he takes in the anatomy and psychological traits of the body to understand the cause of death and so much more to deduce the facts needed.

- From blood pattern analysis to DNA understanding as well as radiology and toxicology reports, there’s a lot that needs to be sifted through to eventually lead to a conclusion of death.

- Confused about medical examiners who focus on dead bodies? An easy way to understand what it is they do is that they’re essentially doctors… for the dead.

- Hetrick has described in an interview before that his job entails him to be the storyteller for the dead – looking at the various conditions and features to understand how a person truly died explain this in cases where death is suspicious.

Watch I Speak for the Dead S2 starting on Friday 1 December at 22:55 on Investigation Discovery (DStv channel 171).

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