The Grace Helbig Show

The Grace Helbig Show is bringing the giggles out! See what she has to say about it.

Grace Helbig is a big name in the comedy industry at the moment. With her awesome YouTube channel taking a leap onto television, The Grace Helbig Show is sneaking into the lives of E! viewers and bringing the giggles! In an interview Grace chats a bit about why she’s awesome and other fun stuff.

“Well, my name is Grace Helbig. I love the internet, guacamole and things that are dumb,” states the comedy wonder. “The biggest misconception would be that I have my ‘sh*t’ together in any way. I’m a whirling dervish of trying to remember responsibilities and deliver duties.”

Method must come with the madness because her show’s ability to make people laugh at exactly that is mind-boggling.

Grace first became interested in comedy when she made her big brothers laugh and she got “addicted to that feeling”. In university, she started studying and performing improv comedy. The YouTube videos started as a hobby but as she says: “Thank God it became a career!” 

The Grace Helbig Show  “is a hybrid of traditional media and new media dumb,” says the host, “I wanted to be a liaison between more traditional celebrities and internet personalities; bringing them together in my house for silly, low-stakes times.”

When asked who her favourite guest star has been so far, Grace declares: “Jim Parsons was a delight! He was so down for any activity, any conversation, any moment of silly and was so overwhelmingly gracious the entire time. It was a great personal reminder to always try to make the people I encounter feel as special as Jim made me feel.”

Along with her television show, Grace has also written a book entitled Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up. “I think acknowledging that we don’t have definite answers to things and that being okay is so freeing. I would be wasting my time, and yours, if I tried to convince you I actually know what I’m doing in life ever," she says about her book.

You can catch The Grace Helbig Show on Thursday at 21:30 on E! Entertainment, DStv channel 124.