Jon Snow played by Kit Harrington in Game of Throne, sad.

With season five of Game of Thrones on the horizon, take the quiz to see who you'll be.

With the excitement looming around Game of Thrones season five, we’re wondering who you will relate to most when the show airs simulcast to the US on 13 April at 03:00 on M-Net Edge.

The awe-inspiring show will be screened again during the Thursday primetime slot, 21:00 starting from 16 April on M-Net Edge, as well as on Catch Up - giving you no excuses to miss it!

Take our quiz to see who you would most likely be in the battle for the Iron Throne:

What are you PVRing?
A. Vikings
B. Blue Bloods
C. The Blacklist
D. Modern Family

What is your guilty pleasure?
A. A woman
B. A power trip
C. Dress up
D. Wine

What is most important to you?
A. Loyalty
B. Freedom
C. Inner strength
D. Humour

Which TV character sums you up?
A. Elizabeth Kean from The Blacklist
B. Patrick Jane from The Mentalist
C. Emily Thorne from Revenge
D. Max from 2 Broke Girls

What is your strength?
A. People trust you
B. People follow you
C. People believe you
D. People like you

Mostly A’s
You are the loyal and logical Jon Snow. You’re a tad rebellious but only when you feel it is for the greater good. You fight for what you believe in and you are happy with what you’ve got.

Mostly B’s
You are the freedom fighter Daenerys. You believe in equal rights for all and you want to use your voice to achieve it. You’re very ambitious and you will stop at nothing to get what you want.

Mostly C’s
You are the resourceful Arya. Revengeful and strong due to life circumstances, you want the wrong-doers to pay. You’re willing to change into whatever it takes to fight your sneaky battles.

Mostly D’s
You are the witty and sarcastic Tyrion. You hide your emotions behind humour, you are too trusting but even though you get hurt – you’re always honourable and friendly.

Check out what we're hoping for in the new season and get yourself ready to be watching Game of Thrones as it airs in the US! No spoilers, no soul-destroying wait - just awesomeness.