Game of Thrones High Sparrow

This week's Game of Thrones Oh My Gosh moment!

Sons of Harpy, holy cow! Definitely the bloodiest episode so far and I don’t know what to think.

I’m sure all the Thronies have watched the episode already but just in case you haven’t, you can watch Game of Thrones online with DStv Now, or with the app for Android or iOS.

The heat is coming through the winter it seems! Cersei went cray-cray and unleashed the psychotic, Jon Snow still knows nothing and Sansa got bashful with Baelish.

My OMG moment of the week was the battle – more like slaughter – of our favourite Daenerys’ men. The Sons of Harpy set a trap and battled Grey Worm and Ser Barristan to what seems like death! I sure hope in the next episode we see them getting their wounds tended to instead of being buried...

Other hectic OMG moments:

Cersei and her hectic army
What the hell Queen Mother? I know you’ve always been crazy but letting the cult loons rule, that’s a new low. They roamed the streets destroying all they feel is sinful (apparently everything) and took Margaery’s bother as a captive. Maybe the cult watches The Following for inspiration, available with DStv Now and Catch Up.

Jon Snow and the seduction
That Melisandre gives me the heebie-jeebies, and when she attempted to seduce Jon Snow, I wailed for him to shut her down - which he did and I was super proud - but then she quips: “you know nothing Jon Snow” just like Ygritte used to - creepy or what? Another strong woman that may use her charm to get her way can be found in The Fixer – available anytime, anywhere on Catch Up with DStv Now.

Sansa and Petyr
Okay firstly can I just say that I’m liking Sansa’s new dark aura – but chill out girl, kissing Littlefinger is not to brightest thing to do - but then again if I was faced with marrying sadistic Ramsay Bolton, I would also kiss more toads in hope of a prince. I’m sure she’ll feel at some stage like time-travelling to change the past – just like the peeps from 12 Monkeys, available on Catch Up with DStv Now.

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