Game of Thrones - Ramsay Bolton

This week's OMG moment in Game of Thrones episode three.

Why hello there fellow Thronies, I bet you’re still excited about this week's episode of Game of Thrones.

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Well, I know I was stoked to see some action unfold with new characters, a wedding, Ayra starting her lessons and Jon Snow taking a life.

My personal GoT OMG moment of the episode was when we found out that Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish was taking Sansa to wed none other but the brutal and completely psychotic Ramsay Bolton! All I want is for her to find peace, love, happiness and all that jazz after her horrific struggles but no! She will wed the very guy who tormented Theon into, well, into the thing he is now. I only hope she toughens up and manages to handle (and maybe even man-handle) him.

Here are some other shockers from GoT:

The wedding – and consummation – of King Tommen and now Queen Margaery
Haat Daymn I did not see that coming. And wow did good ol’ Marg give Cersei and stern yet subtle whipping – she is so sneaky and smart, I absolutely adore her little quips. If you enjoy a kickass woman with kickass lines, you’ll enjoy watching Cookie Lyon do her thing in Empire on Fox, Wednesdays at 21:00.

Arya’s time in the House of Black and White
Feisty Arya keeps getting frustrated with the lack of movement in her training. But for once, we’ve actually seen her scared – or is it worried? These bodies keep being taken away and who knows where to. At least she gets to find out soon… If you love mystery and crime solving, you’ll enjoy CSI on M-Net Edge, Saturday 2 May at 19:00.

Jon Snow’s swift blade
Okay now I know Lord Commander Snow needs to take his role seriously but when he sliced off the head of one of his own for not obeying orders – wow Jon Snow, waw. If you were backing Jon Snow’s blade, don’t miss the finale of Vikings on Thursday 30 April at 22:00 on M-Net Edge for more action and gore. If you're not up to Vikings speed, Catch Up with DStv Now.