Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman, Discovery

Can you dig it?

Prepare to get down and dirty in the world of gold mining with the legends themselves. Catch Gold Rush Season 6 on Discovery Channel (121) at 20:00 on Mondays for an inside look at what it takes.


We had a chat with main man Todd Hoffman about the upcoming season and his lifestyle, check it out:


What does the term “Gold Rush” mean to you in a few words?

I believe that the dollar could crash someday, so when you’re able to dig gold out of the ground yourself “Gold Rush” is freedom because when you have gold you have a protection against a FEOC currency crash. The rubble has come close, the dollar in previous years has crashed, we believe that the dollar could crash again and that scares us - we want to feed our families and we believe that gold someday will protect our families.


Do you remember the very first gold nugget that you found?

The very first gold nugget that we dug up was just a little nugget down in Porcupine, but I don’t want to give anything away. But we do dig something up - something else really special in the series this year that I think a lot of people are going to be really excited about.


Which skills and personal qualities should a gold digger have to be successful today?

Well you have to be crazy, part crazy. Okay, C-R-A-Z-Y and you've got to be tough.


What can viewers expect from the sixth season of Gold Rush?

Hands down the best Gold Rush season we've ever had. The most amount of gold, the most danger, the most competition and things that they have never before seen in the show.


Todd, what is your professional goal?

My professional goal is just to put enough gold away for my family’s future in case of an economic meltdown in the United States, and also to make sure that all my guys are happy. And I want to raise my kids in the Christian faith, so hopefully if all my kids could have a successful happy life and be grounded in Christ then that would be worth all the gold in the world. You know that’s kind of where my heart is, in my family and my faith.


How does it feel being on a channel like Discovery and to have your show air across the world?

You know I don’t see it because I'm not across the world, but we do have a lot of visitors that will come to the gold mine from places around the world. I was born in Germany but it’s nice, you know, it’s cool to be able to share our experiences with people around the world because no matter what country you live in, there are a lot of people out there that feel just like we do. There are a lot of people that believe in the same values as we do, so it is neat to see when people agree with us, and that we're able to share our experiences. There’s a lot of things that we do that are universal - that are worldwide.


Is there anything you want to tell fans that tune in and watch the show?

To all the fans out there, we love all you guys and I tell you what: this is going to be the best season of Gold Rush ever, you're going to see more of everything that you've ever seen in the past. So if it’s danger - you'll see a lot more danger; machines – bigger machines; gold – bigger gold, it’s pretty, it’s kind of a Gold Rush on steroid season.


What is the most important thing about mining that you learnt from your own experience?

Probably the most important thing is you've got to strip a lot of ground, you've got to strip more and more ground. It seems like the gold is never as good as you need it and you want it - but you know you've got to go big, go big or go home - that’s what we learned.


Watch Gold Rush S6 on Discovery Channel (121), Mondays at 20:00.