Parker and his team on a boat amongst the snow

Watch online on Discovery Channel and DStv Now as Parker attempts one of the most dangerous challenges he's ever done.

From Monday 2 April, at 20:00, on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) and streaming live on DStv Now Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail sees Parker Schnabel attempt one of the most dangerous challenges he’s ever done by trekking across the Coastal Range – with Winter closing in – from his home in Alaska to the fabled goldfields of the Klondike, to honour his grandpa’s memory.

Who is Parker Schnabel?

  • At the age of just 22, he had already struck it rich in the Klondike by mining over $13 million worth of gold
  • Despite his financial success, he’s always wondered if he’s as tough as the original gold mining trailblazers?
  • He spent his childhood in Haines, Alaska, near the starting point of the Klondike Gold Trail
  • He grew up hearing stories of those who embarked on a journey against incredible odds in pursuit of extraordinary wealth
  • He comes from a family of gold miners, including his beloved grandpa, who inspired him to push himself beyond his limits.
  • This journey is in his blood – what will he unearth about his forefathers and the struggles they endured to hit the big time?

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