An image of the cast of Second Generation Wayans: Damien, Craig, George Gore II and Tatyana Ali.

Get to know Craig and Damien Wayans who make up the second generation of the Wayans family.

If you enjoy some reality mixed with comedy and shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Real Husbands of Hollywood or just hanging out with Friends, you will enjoy the Second Generation Wayans, which is full of drama, intrigue and lots of laugh. The shows airs Fridays at 19:30 on BET 2.

The main cast consists of Damien and Craig Wayans and also features appearances from George O. Gore II.  It must be tough trying to make your way in Hollywood with such famous uncles but these boys don’t seem to be doing too badly. They could offer up some tips to the contestants on Vuzu AMp'The Hustle (starting on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 at 19:30).

What a person tweets about can reveal a lot about their character and interests. Let’s see if we can learn a thing or two about Damien and Craig from their Twitter posts. 

Damien enjoys basketball, that’s for sure.



He likes laughing and enjoys the simple things in life.


However, he’s not afraid of hard work.



Family stick together.

Craig also enjoys spending time with his family.


They travel together alot...

...all over Europe in fact.

Every now and again, Craig will throw in some good advice.



One of the ladies who makes a regular appearance on Second Generation Ways is Tatyana Ali who plays Maya. You may remember her as Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  She’s into her TV shows big time.


Watch the good, the funny and the ugly as the young trio emerges from the long shadows of their uncles to carve out their own paths to stardom in Hollywood in Second Generation Wayans on Fridays at 19:30 on BET 2.