A photo from House Hunters International.

With House Hunters International returning for more overseas property shopping, it’s time to get ready to go house hunting with prospective buyers looking for a home. 

Looking for a new apartment or house is never easy. With such a commitment and big decision to make, it’s easy to be uncertain about what you’d like to settle on. If only things were as easy as scrolling through social media and deciding on what you’d like.

We took to Instagram to see what parts of our house would look like if we had an unlimited budget like some of our favourite celebrities.

Lounge love

Say what you want but the Kardashians have great taste in décor, just look at how comfy Khloe’s lounge looks.

Pearly white

Real Housewives of New York star Bethany Frankel knows how to make us yearn for the minimalistic life.

Dinner divine

If ever we had to throw a lavish get together, can we call Jessica Simpson for some help?

Décor inspo

If we only agree with one thing, it should be that anyone who has a photo of themselves made up of smaller photos of themselves is pretty much genius! Thank you, Paris Hilton!

When outside

Jessica Biel shows us how exactly outside living spaces should look: chic and simple.

Feeling as inspired as us to put some focus into your home? Make sure to catch House Hunters International on Monday 4 September at 18:00 on Travel Channel (179) to see the homes others settle on.