Game Of Thrones Daenerys Khaleesi in white.

With the much anticipated Game of Thrones coming up in a matter of days, see what you can look forward to.

If you missed the arrival of the three-eyed crow and don’t know why it’s such a problem that “Winter is Coming” but would like to enter the incredible world of Westeros, DStv Catch Up has got you covered.

On Monday 6 April three recap specials will become available on DStv Catch Up. In just 120-minutes you will get all the very best of the first four seasons of the infamous show and some behind the scenes insight as to how this show has changed the landscape of television forever.

Get to know Robert Barathian and discover how he sets in motion a global scramble for the Iron Throne. Meet the incredible Daenerys Targaryen and find out why everyone wants to be her, or be with her. You’ll have to watch the specials if you want to know how to say that name correctly or the name of her mountainous man, Khal Drogo!  

Despite the strange names and equally strange language spoken by Khal and his Dothraki tribe, this is not a fantasy series just for fantasy viewers, as you will discover when watching the specials. The author on whose books this series is based, George R. R. Martin, explains in one of the specials that there isn’t a lot of magic and otherworldly stuff in them as he feels this detracts from the story, and what a story this is, with crosses and doublecrosses, sex, violence and a surprising amount of humour.

Game of Thrones is renowned for not holding any of its characters as ‘holy cows’ as they have killed off major characters with surprising impudence. The show runners do however reassure the audience that they are still casting more than they’re killing. You may have heard ‘Throne Groupies’ talk about The Red Wedding. This is a prime example of how no one in Westeros is safe and how major characters can fall, at the pluck of a lute.

Within the first 5 minutes of the specials you are struck by the vastness of the world in which this story unfolds. I was convinced it must all be computer generated with special effects, but this is not the case. This show must hold some kind of record for the sheer surface area of the earth that it has been shot on. I loved the bit where they are talking about shooting in Iceland and the director says, “when you see icicles in a guy’s beard or on his eyelashes, they’re real”. These actors are either freezing their eyelashes off in the mind-blowing expanses of Iceland or trying not to blister in the scorching deserts of Morocco! They shoot everywhere, from a studio in Belfast to locations in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco, Spain, Malta, Scotland, and the United States. They transform National Monuments or build palace facades from the ground up!

The Guardian has called Game of Thrones, “the biggest drama” and “the most talked about show on television” and so it is. This show will stand as a benchmark against which TV shows will be measured for many decades after the final sword has been drawn. If you haven’t joined the ranks of the millions of ‘Throne Groupies’ around the world, take this opportunity to catch up on the phenomenon with DStv Catch Up on Monday 6 April on your Explora, Tablet, Smartphone or PC.

If you are already a ‘Throne Groupie’, enjoy the recaps, remind yourself of who planted which dagger, and have a look behind the scenes to see how it all happened.

Game of Thrones will, for the first time in history be simulcast on M-Net Edge at 03:00 on Monday 13 April and it will air during prime-time on Thursday 16 April at 21:00.