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Experts Pierre Spies and Gert Coetzee give tips on how to start today on your own journey towards a healthier you.

Genoeg starts Monday 15 January 2018 on the Afrikaans lifestyle channel VIA (DStv channel 147), stream live on DStv Now.  New episodes air every Monday at 17:30 with repeats on Sundays at 15:00.

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Incredible weight-loss journeys on VIA this January

Did you have a bit too much gammon to eat this past festive season? Is getting rid of those extra kilos one of your new year’s resolutions for 2018? Then the best way to kick start your lifestyle revolution is to tune into VIA's brand new diet show Genoeg for some weight-loss inspiration. In each episode we follow one person’s journey from overweight to healthy with the help of a panel of experts.

We spoke to two of the show’s experts – dietician Gert Coetzee of The Diet Everyone Talks About and coach Pierre Spies of Body Image – about how you can get started today on your own journey towards a healthier you. Here are some of their top tips:

What advice do you have for people who want to change their lifestyle?

Pierre Spies: The best advice I can give in terms of changing one’s lifestyle is to do a proper SWOT analysis of yourself and your lifestyle: Write down all your physical, intellectual and emotional weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats. Then start notivating yourself and drive your strengths and opportunities. I believe you can systematically turn your weaknesses and threats into positive results. Change has a starting point and you just have to start.

Gert Coetzee: In most cases there’s an unpleasant incident people experience that makes them decide to change their lifestyle. It must be a permanent change otherwise it won’t work. Choose the lifestyle-change programme that best suits your current situation and is achievable, meaningful and long-term. Plan ahead so that you can control your situations and so that situations don’t control you.

What is the one tip you can give people to stay motivated?

Gert Coetzee: Motivation is usually short term because your situations and surroundings are changing all day. What will, however, help you to stay on the right path is to have a well-planned routine. If you follow the programme correctly your hunger pains will go away which will make things a lot easier. The fact that you successfully lose weight and feel better will also motivate you as you go along.

Pierre Spies: It’s always difficult to start and the road really isn’t always easy but if you’ve worked hard you have so much more appreciation for the successes. It’s not always fun but it will definitely be worth it.

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by Alice da Silva