Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, cast, AMC

What we want to see in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.

Get your frights under control because on Monday 11 April at 03:10 CAT (minutes after the AMC US premiere) Fear the Walking Dead hits our screens! AMC (channel 140) is bringing Season 2 at full-steam ahead, with a prime time repeat at 20:00

We were on the edge of our seats last season when the finale saw an emotional end to Liza. Now aboard the Abigail and sailing into the unknown, we're not sure what to expect next.

What we do know is what we love, hate and want from the characters all aboard:


Tune in to Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 on Monday 11 April at 03:10 CAT (minutes after the AMC US premiere) on AMC (channel 140) with a prime time repeat at 20:00 that same day