They're deadly with venom and it keeps us hooked in wonder about the animal kingdom. Bite, Sting and Kill takes a deeper look into the world of animals with a deadly side to them.

From the Sahara to the Chihuahuan, deserts are home to some of the deadliest creatures on earth. Extreme heat leaves predators no choice but to wield their lethal weapons – Bite, Sting and Kill starting on Saturday 14 April at 18:00 on Nat Geo Wild and streaming on DStv Now takes a look at just that.

This series takes a deep dive into the interesting world of the animal kingdom, where the motto “Kill or be killed” applies leaving the animals no choice but to use their lethal weapon of venom to stay alive.

Interested to find out more? You should be - don't miss this fascinating magnified look into the happenings of the wild. Before you tune in, here are some interesting facts about venom wielding animals:

  • Butterflies can be venomous! Yes, those beautiful, fragile insects can be quite deadly too such as with the monarch butterfly. These orange and black butterflies lay their eggs exclusively on a venomous plant which sees the caterpillars feed on the leaves and ingest the toxins which they carry throughout adulthood.
  • In case you thought being venomous was exclusive to insects and reptiles, did you know there are three bird species that can be deadly? Including the shrike-thrush bird which can seem innocent and cute, but once eaten can spell disaster! Why? Due to its diet of insects – with high levels of venom – they ingest the toxins which result in their deadly stance.
  • The common toad can be surprisingly deadly with the toxins kept in its glands. Even a simple touch could result in many various symptoms with death being the final. Be careful next time you see one hopping around in your garden – don’t provoke it!


Watch Bite, Sting and Kill starting on Saturday 14 April at 18:00 on Nat Geo Wild and streaming on DStv Now.

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