Man stands outdoors wearing a spacesuit

Tyler Harcott is on a quest to look at different natural forces of nature, and meets those who have resisted or survived deadly experiences.

This brand new series, hosted by Tyler Harcott, uses interviews, stunning location footage and archive content to show the beautiful and awe-inspiring power of nature. Watch Freaks of Nature, On Discovery Family (DStv Channel 136), Thursdays at 21:00 and stream live on DStv Now.

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Each episode follows Tyler’s quest to look at a different natural force – from sub-zero temperatures and volcanoes to dangerously high winds and the effects of gravitational force. Tyler undergoes his own tests around these natural forces, such as experiencing zero-G flight, stage-two hypothermia, and the effects of high altitude in a hyperbaric chamber. Tyler then meets individuals who have suffered at the hands of nature as the show uses reconstructions of death or near-death experiences to tell the human stories of those who have fallen victim to nature’s power. He goes on to meet those who have first-hand experience resisting or surviving extreme forces or have found a way to conquer them through skills or science.

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