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Here comes the bride!

Get ready for some epic drama, glitz, glam and love as Four Weddings South Africa launches on Friday, 16 October 2015 on Lifetime (DStv channel 131).


What it's all about:

Four pushy brides are so convinced they're having the perfect wedding - they're prepared to stake their honeymoon on it.

Every bride-to-be is convinced that their special day will be the wedding to end all weddings. They've been planning it for years, it's cost them a small fortune, and they've invited everyone they know. They want it to be the best wedding anyone has ever been to. It's as if a wedding day is some kind of competition - well now it really is.

In Four Weddings South Africa, competing brides do just that, with fascinating and sometimes hilarious results. Each episode follows four brides as they attend each other's special wedding day. At the end of the day, they must vote on which ceremony takes the cake, with the winning bride and groom whisked off to a dream honeymoon destination.

From naked brides to biker brides, from Zulu brides to Tswana brides, from bitchy brides to chocolate box brides, this series is bound to entertain and make you think twice at to whom you invite to your special day!

Narrating Four Weddings South Africa is comedian Alan Committie, one of the country’s leading stand-up comics who is also an award-winning actor as well as a theatre director. Prior television work includes conceiving, co-writing and executive producing the sitcom Those Who Can’t as well as being the star of the first three seasons of Laugh out Loud. And now he’ll be adding his own magic to this reality wedding show.

In the series, the winning brides score the highest marks for dress, venue, food and overall experience. So be prepared to "taste" anything from braaivleis to Morogo, “experience” the customs of various South Africa communities and "hear" the languages of the Rainbow Nation in all their splendour and diversity in this entertaining TV series! 

Says producer Kee-Len Irvine: "We are confident that, with its compelling mix of brides and budgets, cultures and tastes, Four Weddings South Africa will make for fascinating and jaw-dropping entertainment."



How to throw a winning wedding:

There is nothing more stressful than planning a wedding. Unless you're doing it Four Weddings style, with a dream honeymoon at stake and three competing brides in tow who are literally scoring your every decision (and not in the way that your judgey cousin is doing either; what they think stands between you and a beach sunset). When it comes to throwing a winning wedding, there is some strict protocol involved. But fear not: you just need to follow some simple guidelines.

Show utter conviction in your own greatness.

How are you supposed to convince a roomful of guests, not to mention the three other brides who are waiting for you to fail, that your wedding has single-handedly redefined the sanctimony of marriage if you’re not fully aware of your own ability? You’ve got this. That honeymoon is yours! Repeat until you believe it. Then repeat it some more…

Have a theme (or don’t have a theme; either way, theme is central).

Never have a theme, unless you're having a theme in which case, the theme is everything and will single-handedly pull the wedding together. Though if you're not having a theme, themes are tacky and should be avoided at all costs. Basically—and this can not be stated enough—theme is everything, whether or not you're having one. Tread carefully.

Be wary of kids.

The chances are, there are going to be children at your wedding, especially if you have any of your own or just a brood of nieces and nephews and you haven't quite worked out how to tell your siblings their darling offspring aren't invited, without starting a family feud. This is all fine, unless you're one of the brides that would rather wear black to her wedding than see a child there and will spend the entire ceremony giving the evil eye at the merest sniff of an under eighteen. So here are the general rules: the old saying of being seen and not heard is suddenly relevant again; they'll look darling as flower girls and page boys but will ruin a conga line and always remember they’re there when you're getting down to the Funky Chicken (for their own sake. They may get trodden on). On the other hand, if you're banning all kids no protocol necessary: you're in the clear.

Always be on time

It may be your day, but the other brides will conveniently forget that when they’re being kept waiting.

Have a back up plan for the weather.

Outside weddings are always a hit. Revel in the beauty of nature. Be one with the great outdoors! Unless it’s raining (which it almost certainly will at some point), in which case, outside weddings are the worst. No one enjoys a soggy canapé. Invest in a marquee.

Never resort to bribery

It will never work. Unless by bribery you mean 'free bar,' in which case, it's a fail safe that will guarantee you points.

Get the shots in.

If all else fails…



The four most expensive weddings - ever! 

With South African television audiences talking all things weddings, following the launch of Four Weddings South Africa recently on Lifetime (DStv channel 131), we thought it would be fun to look at the Four Most Expensive Weddings Ever! Here they are in descending order:

4.  Prince William & Kate Middleton
Following in the footsteps of his parents, Prince William had a much anticipated and publicized wedding that was watched around the globe. With 1,900 people at the ceremony, 600 at a luncheon hosted by the Queen and 300 for a dinner hosted by the Prince of Wales, plus a R5,5 million wedding gown, R1 million wedding cake and close to R11mllion worth of flowers the final bill was said to be in the region of to R460 million.

3.  Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia
There was no doubt that India’s richest man would throw a lavish wedding for his daughter Vanisha Mittal when she wed banker Amit Bhatia in Versailles. The destination wedding celebration which included chefs flown in from India and a performance by Kylie Minogue at the reception was said to have cost a cool
R1 billion.

2.  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makotum & Princess Salama
This 1981 wedding fit for royalty required the construction of a stadium from scratch to accommodate the 20,000 guests. Back in the day the wedding costs were estimated at R600 million but translate to about R1,4 billion with fluctuation rates today.

1.  Charles & Diana
Decades after this much watched event and even after the marriage fell apart, the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer remains the most expensive wedding of all time. The R650 million (adjusted to close to R1,5 billion according to inflation rates) celebrations included 3,500 guests at the ceremony, 120 at the reception, 120 for a family breakfast, 27 wedding cakes and televised coverage for an estimated 750 million people worldwide.

Cheap by comparison ...
More recently, celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian’s union to rapper Kanye West was cheap by comparison having cost somewhere between R300 million and R400 million with celebrations in Italy and France over an entire weekend, a custom Givenchy gown and flowers worth over R1 mllion!