Cars on display indoors

From classic cars to supercars on Ultimate Wheels, and long-forgotten piles of junk turned into dazzling custom cars, on Big Easy Motors - all on HISTORY Channel.

From classic cars to supercars, two creative petrol heads Elo and Will can’t resist turning rust buckets into Ultimate Wheels, showcased on HISTORY channel (DStv 186), Thursdays at 21:10, and watch online on DStv Now. Elo’s love of speed and custom cars led to him being the owner of the London Motor Museum, home of Ultimate Wheels. These two skilled car restorers use their talent to add personal touches to the most unlikely of vehicles. Thinking of getting a Ferrari pick-up truck?  These are the boys to call.

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In pursuit of gold 

From the bayous of Louisiana, Charles Handler and his team find long-forgotten piles of junk and turn them into dazzling custom cars. From a 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible to a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT, he searches all over for undiscovered treasure, finding one-of-a-kind classics and invests his own money to fix them up before selling them at auctions. If everything goes according to plan, there’s huge profit to be made, as these treasures sell for big money. Be amazed with the vehicle restorations and high stake auctions where everything is on the line, in each episode based in New Orleans. Big Easy Motors on HISTORY Channel, (DStv 186), Saturdays at 12:00 and stream live on DStv Now.

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by Alice da Silva