Javier Mascherano with his daughter.

Footballers have #nicelifeproblems and DStv Compact subscribers will get their own fair share with the 25 Copa America games on SuperSport.

Because football season never ends and neither do DStv Compact customer's #nicelifeproblems - unexpected guests, fighting over the good spot on the couch and the strain of deciding what to snack on - thanks to the 25 Copa America games that are coming your way live on SuperSport.

We did some digging and discovered that football players actually have #nicelifeproblems too. Which player do you think has it really tough? We have a look at some of the issues that they're dealing with.

What to wear?

With so many shows being dropped off at your doorstep, it can be a real hassle deciding which one to wear - especially when your name is carved on the boot. 



Beat the heat

Being a footballer is not easy. Regular visits to sunny beaches can make life so difficult.




Right or wrong?

Having a sexy smile often means that you can get away with anything. It’s rather annoying to concede defeat when you are finally on the winning side, however, winning is not always everything.





Making space

Boasting such great talent, our boys need a lot of storage space to keep their trophies safe - such a burden.


Lionel MessiJames Rodriguez

Family obligations

After a long day running after the ball, a really nice life problem we regular folk have in common with the filthy rich football players is relaxing with family. 





Catch all the action from Copa America and experience the true meaning of #nicelifeproblems because the football season never ends on DStv.