A poster for the movie Focus.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie star in Focus, which is available to rent on BoxOffice.

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A con-man becomes romantically involved with a novice con-artist, Jess, only to break up when she gets too close. Three years later, his former flame shows up when both of them are working to con the same billionaire.

Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro
Director: John Requa

Available on BoxOffice from 29 June 2015.



Claire becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group while grappling with her own, very raw personal tragedy.

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Adriana Barraza, Anna Kendrick
Director: Daniel Barnz

Available on BoxOffice from 29 June 2015.


Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

Once happily married, Conor and Eleanor suddenly find themselves as strangers longing to understand each other in the wake of tragedy. The film explores the couple's story as they try to reclaim the life and love they once knew and pick up the pieces of a past that may be too far gone.

Starring: James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis
Director: Ned Benson

Available on BoxOffice from 30 June 2015.


Andrew Neyman is an ambitious young jazz drummer, single-minded in his pursuit to rise to the top of his elite east coast music conservatory. Terence Fletcher, an instructor known equally for his teaching talents and his terrifying methods, discovers Andrew and transfers him into his band.

Starring: Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons, Melissa Benoist
Director: Damien Chazelle

Available on BoxOffice from 30 June 2015.