The perfect suspect

It's time to decode the truth from the lies - can the team uncover what really happened in unsolved crimes on The Perfect Suspect?

They seem like the perfect person... until one night events unfold and they're accused of murder. Where do the lies end and the truth start? The Perfect Suspect starting Thursday 15 February at 22:00 on Investigation Discovery and streaming on DStv Now asks the very question. 

Not everything is as it seems in this series which analyses the most unlikely of murder suspects. Each episode investigates horrifying cases and the mystery behind the seemingly improbable killer, putting the subject’s every moment under a microscope and dissecting every subterranean secret.

When Kyle “Deenie” Breeden’s body is found washed up in the Kentucky river, police rule out his disabled ex-girlfriend after questioning. But years later, a new detective uncovers hidden evidence, turning the whole investigation upside down. And, when a young couple is found murdered and mutilated on the outskirts of town, police are determined to build a case against an unlikely suspect. 25 years later, the terrible truth is revealed.

What are the lies? What is the truth? Is the accused a cold-blooded killer – or are they just the perfect suspect? The Perfect Suspect explores this and much more to get to the bottom of the crimes. 

Watch The Perfect Suspect starting Thursday 15 February at 22:00 on Investigation Discovery and streaming on DStv Now.

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