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EL Chapo is famous for doing drugs and here are some facts about him.

Joaquín Guzmán, aka El Chapo meaning Shorty, is a notorious drug lord who has evaded the law many a time.
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About the show:
Killer, drug smuggler, folk hero, Houdini of jailhouse escapes - the legend of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is well known. But now, this two-hour documentary special reveals an unprecedented look at the man behind the myth and how his international drug cartel impacts us right here at home.
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Here are some interesting facts about El Chapo:
What has he been called over the years?
- The most notorious drug dealer 
- He made the Forbes' list of most powerful people in the world 
- Most feared man on the planet
- Godfather of the Drug World 
Which cartel does he lead?
He’s the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel which deals in marijuana, heroin, meth and cocaine. This cartel is worth billions in US dollars. He even managed to keep running it while in prison because he’d use bribes. His reach is incredible as he has imported more drugs in the US than anyone else including Al Capone and Pablo Escobar.
Songs about him 
Songs have been written about him because he’s popular, feared and even revered by some. Other more popular songs include The Game and Skrillex El Chapo, Gucci Mane El Chapo, 2 Chainz El Chapo Jr, Kap G Like El Chapo and D’Banj El Chapo featuring Gucci Mane and Wande Coal amongst many others. 
Prison break 
He was captured in 1993 near the Mexico-Guatemala border and escaped in 2001. He was re-captured in 2014 in Sinaloa. He escaped again in 2015 through the “shower.” Authorities discovered that there was a tunnel which he used. Side bar: He was known to have secret tunnels all over Mexico which he used to escape raids and of course to traffic drugs. He was recaptured again in 2016. He’s in the process of being extradited to the US where he faces federal charges.
El Chapo is married to beauty queen Emma Coronal with whom he has two children. He’s been married at least twice before and has had some lovers along the way as well. He has 7 children from previous marriages as well. Some of his sons also followed him into the drug trade and another was tragically shot by a rival cartel.