Image of Ayanda Nhlapo.

Ash and Mish are back with another webisode of Fashion Mash. This week's episode is brought to you from The Potato Shed with a very special guest, Ayanda Nhlapo.

You'll remember the stylish Ayanda from Ayanda's Fashion House. She's back for a second season, this time called Ayanda: Inside Fashion (Mondays at 18:55 CAT on Channel ED). Sitting down to talk to Ash and Mish, she explained what viewers can expect from the new season and shared what she enjoyed about her first season.

Watch Part 1 of the fun interview below where we talk Ayanda: Inside Fashion and favourite moments. 

Now take a look at Ayanda's favourite trends, must-haves and so much more below with our fun fashion quick questions.

Don't miss Ayanda: Inside Fashion Mondays at 18:55 CAT on Channel ED (190)