Khanyi Mbau and John Vlismas on Famous Last Words.

It’s time for Famous Last Words on Monday 11 September on Comedy Central (DStv Channel 122) at 21:00. This week we see the pairing of Khanyi Mbau and John Vlismas.

Media personality Khanyi and comedian John are definitely in for a ride of unfamiliarity. Khanyi helps John take one stylish step forward by daring him to try out a magazine photoshoot… with a twist. John isn’t the only cover star on set, he’s joined by a slithering co-star – a snake! And we’re not talking a small grass snake here.

Khanyi doesn’t have it easy on her end by taking the plunge to hold her on as a stand-up comic, will she shoot for the stars and make everyone laugh or hit and miss and wish she hadn’t tried? Time will tell if Khanyi’s infectious personality will have everyone hooked.

Take a sneak peek at tonight’s fun:

Khanyi and John turned their attention to important matters too: legacy via your social media accounts! Khanyi educates John on why posting online is important and confesses that she feels a little bored with life.

Watch a bit of the conversation below:

Catch Khanyi Mbau and John Vlismas have their Famous Last Words on Monday 11 September at 21:00 on Comedy Central (122). Watch previous episodes of Famous Last Words on DStv Now