Arturo Vidal wipes his tears in a press conference.

Check out our gallery of the most epic facial expressions from the 2015 Copa America.

The 2015 Copa America competition has had the makings of a blockbuster flick. 

From Arturo Vidal's drinking and driving scandal to the recent banning of Gonzalo Jara for provoking Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani, the antics off the pitch have been just as thrilling as the action on the field of play.  

As with any great drana, the tournament has stirred up some serious reactions from the fans and players alike.

Check out our gallery of some of the most epic facial expressions from the ongoing tournament.




Tune in and watch the fans and players wear their feelings on their faces when the tournament wraps things up in the final between hosts Chile and Argentina on Saturday, 4 July on SS3 at 22:00. 

The Copa America tournament might be concluding this weekend but, don't worry, there's more football action because the season never ends.