Undercover high.

Undercover High takes you back to high school for an immersive experience that will open your eyes.

As an expansion of the ground-breaking 60 Days In series, six adults are going undercover for an entire term inside one of the country’s most distressed high schools in Undercover High (Wednesdays from 7 February at 20:00 on Crime + Investigation and streaming on DStv Now).

Undercover High is an unprecedented social experiment where participants will act as both students and staff to see what’s really going on before – and after – the bell rings. Their goal is to blend in so they can understand what – or who – is causing the violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and serious issues facing this school.

From social media to bullying and the pressures of society, the series takes a close look into the reasons that play factors into decisions made by many teenagers that result in varied results – not always the most ideal.

How were the participants chosen to go undercover? After many background checks and extensive tests by psychologists, they were picked to undergo this eye-opening experience. Many have stepped up for various reasons that include to make a positive change in schooling systems. Those who chose to undertake the task of re-entering high school have no clue about others in the program. Only select members of the school administration know the truth. This allows for the most authentic experience.

The show offers a fascinating look what we all remember of high school and the coming-of-age years that followed. Watch Undercover High on Wednesdays from 7 February at 20:00 on Crime + Investigation and streaming on DStv Now.

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