Features of the DStv Explora 2

DStx Explora price, hardware specs, features and more you need to know about the new DStv Explora decoder.

Whether you took up the Black Friday DStv Explora deal or received one as a gift, it's best to understand all of the shiny new DStv Explora specs! With a reccommended price of R1299, it's the best value for money! We're bringing you all the details from features to DStv cables you need to know about. 

Here's all the specifications that make your new DStv Explora great: 

- a smaller and sleeker design

- pause, rewind and fast forward live TV

- set recordings to enjoy movies and series within your playlist

- enjoy HD viewing quality 

- a new A7 remote


DStv Explora features

The Explora 2 means an improved offering to enjoy your favourite shows, movies and sports highlights! Enjoy DStv Catch Up, or rent the latest blockbusters on BoxOffice and much more on your new model DStv Explora decoder. 

What makes the Explora a must-have item? Easily watch one channel while recording another - never miss a moment! Missed a moment? Rewind to see it again or pause live TV up to two hours to get a quick snack - or several. Basically, elevate your television viewing to a new level with the Explora!

The main feature we all love about the DStv Explora is the ability to record - record episodes or entire seasons of shows! The best thing is that none of this content expires allowing you to sit back and watch at any time that suits you as long as you remain an active subscriber. 

You can buy a DStv Explora from a number of retail stores including Pick n Pay, Incredible Connection and Dion Wired. Find out more here


Take your viewing a step further by getting connected! An internet connected DStv Explora can enjoy an extended catalogue of content on DStv Catch Up Plus (exclusive to DStv Premium) and even more with Showmax! Don't forget that Showmax can be added to a DStv subscription at no extra cost - here's how  - what are you waiting for? 

Confused about the DStv Explora installation? No worries, we've got all of the info related to accredited Installers, user manuals, cable information and more to get you up and running and watching TV on our Self Service website

Ever discover an error or a problem that you'd like an answer to? From your DStv Explora freezing to a no signal, we're here to help, reach out on Twitter or Facebook and one of our customer care team members will be more than happy to assist! 

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