What on Earth? explores the many questions we have about our planet. Catch the new series on Discovery Channel where some interesting discoveries are uncovered.

The rapid increase of satellites orbiting our planet has put more eyes on Earth’s vast, unexplored areas of land and sea than ever before, yet we still have questions that go unanswered. What on Earth? starting on Thursday 5 April at 20:00 on Discovery Channel and streaming on DStv Now ventures forth to find out more about the beautiful planet we call home. 

Today, more than 4,000 satellites circle the planet, uncovering baffling inconsistencies that defy explanation. Using state of the art technology, this enlightening series exposes the mysterious phenomenon these satellites discover every day from space.

You can expect some exciting happenings on the series such as  satellite images that reveal unusual mounds in Romania, just a few miles from the home of Vlad the Impaler. Could these strange mounds pinpoint the location of Dracula’s long-lost grave? Plus, can images from space finally identify the hiding place of the legendary Nazi gold train? With the help of experts and witnesses, the series continues to discover how these wondrous images unravel the astonishing mysteries posed by these pictures from space.

Dive into the deep discoveries of our blue giant on What on Earth? starting on Thursday 5 April at 20:00 on Discovery Channel and streaming on DStv Now.

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