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From 1 to 3 November, we’re updating the software on our DStv Explora and DStv Explora 2 decoders, as well as our DStv HD Decoders. This update aims to enhance your viewing experience – the recording icons have been changed, and we’ve made improvements to the Showmax user interface.


How to add Showmax to your Explora

- How to get connected

The new software includes:

- A fix for the issue experienced when browsing channels and pressing OK on a channel to watch, the WATCH option is missing.

- A fix for when the decoder reverts to First Time Installation screen after a maintenance reboot.

- A fix for Catch Up titles disappearing from the Recommendations screen.

- A fix for the Connectivity Checker failure.

- A fix for the Smartcard error that appears after re-inserting smartcard

- A fix for PG Block icon not visible on a blocked audio channel.

- A fix for E38-32 errors

We’ve also changed the recording icons but this won’t affect your recordings. New icons are as follows:

Table showing old and new recording icons for DStv decoders.

On Showmax, we’ve improved how soon you will see a “watched” indication on an item that’s already been viewed.

We’ve added in an installation QR code which will contain important information about the decoder and its installation and will assist us when trouble-shooting.


To check if you have received the new software please press HELP, then select General Information > Loader Status.

The loader version will be listed on the Loader Details screen:

Decoder Model

Load ver/var