The logo and artwork for DStv Delicious

The DStv Delicious Festival is back and this year it'll be a cashless festival. See how to use the Howler Loaded app for purchases.

DStv Delicious is going to be bigger and better with acts like Common, John Leee, Alexander O'Neal, Omar, Soul II Soul and Femi Kuti and many hot local acts too.

There will also be yummy food from the celebrity chefs that will be there, like Siba. Here's a little peek of gourmet foods that will make your mouth water:


DStv Delicious is going to be a cashless festival. Why? Due to the many moving parts at a big event, the global best practice at festivals around the world is cashless payments. 

The benefits

Cashless payments make your festival experience easier, faster and safer. 

Due to the many moving parts at a big event, the global best practice at festivals around the world is cashless payments. It's an easy process when you load your card or wristband online or when you arrive at the festival. 

If you don't spend all your money, you can get it back online within 14 days after the festival (for a R20 service fee).

So what does this mean?
Festival-goers will be using Howler Loaded which is a cashless platform powered by Glownet which uses NFC cards or wristbands to transact within events.

You just need to load up with any amount that suits you, online before the event, or at one of the Howler Loaded stations strategically located within the event (no fees).

Tap your card or wristband to pay at a bar, merchandise, food or trader stand to instantly complete your transaction. No pin, no incorrect change, no cash needed.

How to get loaded online?
1. Simply head to to set up your Howler Account.
2. Find your event from the events page.
3. You cannot load multiple tickets in one go. However, you can load an unlimited number of tickets, or even tickets in somebody else's email address.
4. Choose the amount you wish to load and follow the payment instructions.
5. A 3,5 % convenience fee will be applied to all online transactions (a small fee payable to avoid having to Load Up at the festival).
6. Show your festival ticket at the entrance and all Pre Loaded Credits will be applied to your card/ wristband on entrance (no need to go to the Get Loaded stations).

How much can you Load?
- You can pre-load online, or within the event, at a Howler Loaded top up station.
- To avoid having to keep reloading or keep cash/ card in your tent/ locker, we suggest loading what you’ve budgeted to spend at the event from the get-go.
- The more you load at once, the less you’ll miss out - remember any left over funds can be cashed out online within 14 days of the festival (for a R10 admin/ service fee).

What payment methods can I use to Get Loaded?
- Online: Using Credit / Cheque Card (This facility will close 24 hours before the event starts). This is the most convenient way as you do not need to go to the Get Loaded Stations at the event and can go straight to get your first cold one!
-  At any Get Loaded station within the event using your Card or Cash.
-  Due to potential network congestion which may affect the credit card machines, we encourage you to bring mostly cash or load up online. Remember you can cash out any left over credits after the event.

How do cash outs work?
1. For your convenience an online cash out facility will be provided 72 hours after the event and can be requested to your designated bank account.
2. Keep an eye out in your email inbox after the event to check your balance and submit your bank account details.
3. Cash outs requested before 14:00 will be processed before midnight the next working day. Cash outs processed after 14:00 can take up to two working days to reflect.
4. A R20 Administration/ Banking Fee will be applied to all cash outs.

How to check the balance on your card/wristband
1. Always ask for the total of your purchase, before you are charged.
2. Immediately after every transaction, the reader will indicate how many credits are left. Ask the bartender/ vendor to show you your remaining balance.
3. In addition, it is also possible to check your balance at any bar/ vendor which accepts cashless payments or a Get loaded station.
4. Just ask a staff member to check your balance and they will be more than happy to help.


If I preload online, do I still have to get my card/ wristband Loaded at the event?

  • No, your pre-loaded credits will automatically be applied at the entrance when we scan your ticket.

Is there a fee to Get Loaded at the festival?

  • No, there is no fee to Get Loaded at the festival. If you Get Loaded online, a small fee is payable to avoid having to Load Up at the festival.

Can I use my Howler card at any Howler Loaded event?

  • No. Howler cards are event specific and funds cannot be transferred to another event.

What if I forget to cash out?

  • Once cash outs close, that specific event's servers are closed and can no longer be accessed.
  •  You will not be able to cash out if you miss the deadline.

Will there be ATMs on site?

At most Howler Loaded events, there are no ATMs, because they’re unreliable in congested areas, and we hate unhappy campers. You can load your cards/ wristbands with Credit/ Cheque/ Debit card at any Get Loaded station. The same way you would draw cash out the ATM. Alternatively skip the queues and Get Loaded online!

What happens if I lose my card or wristband?

You need to treat your card/ wristband like cash. If you lose it, you will need to purchase a new one and Get Loaded again. Any remaining credits from your previous wristband will be lost - as credits are hard-coded into the card/ wristband and cannot be remotely removed.

What happens if my card/ wristband gets damaged?

Any damaged card/ wristband can be replaced and any remaining credits will be transferred to the new band.

How can I check my latest transactions?
Simply go to the Get Loaded top up station and request to view your latest transactions.

Can I share a card/ wristband?
You can’t use two cards/ wristbands on one transaction. If you want to share a card/ wristband we encourage you to load one card/ wristband with as many credits for both of you.

Can I tip the bar staff?
Yes, you can tip the bar staff with the credits on your wristband. They’ll love you for it.