The cast of Little Women: Dallas on Lifetime.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and it seems the drama is too! Little Women: Dallas S1 returns on Lifetime (131) for all things bold and grand. We’re here to keep you up to speed on what happened in Dallas before the ladies went on break. Stay alert, it’s a lot!

Back to basics

Time for a refresher, at the beginning of the season you were introduced to the Little Women of Dallas which included two ladies from Little Women: Atlanta who moved to the south. Things started off with a bang at Caylea Woodbury’s 21st Birthday party – not that we’re surprised. Tiffani Chance’s boyfriend surprised her with a visit which caused quite a stir among the town. Even during her own party, tensions were slightly high when he was introduced.

Moving on

Caylea moved out of Tiffani’s house which made space for her boyfriend, Austin. Tiffani and Austin sadly didn’t last much longer after because they broke up mid-season.  Bri Barlup deals with a breakup which isn’t easy. Emotions were definitely the theme for the season when we see Emily Fernandez come to terms with the loss of her son after months of mourning.

Time to focus

Amanda Loy has been putting in a lot of time into her fitness with preparation for bodybuilding competitions while juggling the return of her ex-boyfriend. Emily and Asta Young are on their way to success with their joint business venture – even if that means butting heads at times.

Tensions are high and the drama remains as the ladies gear up for parties, relationships and so much more in Dallas, Texas! Don’t miss the season return when Bri wants to redefine a relationship in her life and Emily seeks a new business venture.

Don’t miss Little Women: Dallas S1 returning on Wednesday 16 August on Lifetime (131) at 20:50.