Khaleesi / Daenerys Targaryen with flying dragon on chain.

If you’re reading this article, you own a dragon or you’re looking to get one. Below are some tips from my personal experience on owning a dragon, named Titus.

If you’re reading this article, you own a dragon or you’re looking to get one. Below are some tips from my personal experience on owning a dragon, named Titus.


Skin Care

Your dragon is part of the reptilian family and is covered in numerous scales that have a fire proof calcium membrane, which needs to be manicured like the most pristine Sandton coo girl’s fingernail on the scene.  It is crucial that you take good care of your dragon’s scales as they are essential for aerodynamics while swimming and flying. Dragon vet bills are not cheap.

Dragon horns and spikes are built from a strong protein keratin. Keep them strong, sharp and beautiful by applying Vaseline every fortnight.


Mist your dragon 3 – 4 times daily to keep its skin hydrated, use a squeegee bottle or your sprinkler system depending on your dragon's size. Adult dragons shed less than younglings. Bathing your dragon can help ease the shedding process, at a young age use the bathroom sink and as they grow make use of your pool or take your dragon for a swim at your nearest lake, dam, river or sea.

A healthy hydrated skin will help your dragon shed easily as it could be a challenging period for owner and dragon. Titus, my dragon at almost adult size and 5,5 human years of age sheds once a year, it is a messy situation and can leave you with a bakkie load of dead skin.

Dental Care

Dragons have capillary glands which produce helium, that enables them to breath-fire and fly. Breathing fire can leave your dragon with a repugnant breath, gargling with Sta-Soft will help mask the smell.

Breathing Fire

I taught Titus to only breath fire in open spaces, this takes strong discipline from the owner to show authority by talking stern and loud to show that you are the master. Dragons are very clever and will adhere to their master’s wishes. The pictures below are when Titus torched the outside tree by accident and moled through my couch when I was late home one day.


Remember the golden rule of owning a dragon always carry a fire extinguisher.

Special Skills

Dragons by nature are hoarders of shiny objects. One day I thought I was robbed but it was only Titus stashing everything shiny from around my house under his bed in the garage where he lives.

Avoid stimulating your dragon with puzzles and tricks as this may lead to the development of telekinesis.


Rated as one of the most exotic and expensive pets to own, you will need to make sure you have dragon insurance for all the little mishaps.

Warning - if you are a girl like me hide your expensive shoes. 

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