Idris Elba, No Limits, Discovery

Treasures, speed and survival in October on Discovery Channel.

Speed, exotic meals, elusive treasures and superhuman survival tactics make for a perfect combination of thrilling viewing on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) in October.

Premiering on Tuesday 6 October at 21:00, Kings of the Wild brings together Josh James, a hardcore hunter from the backwoods of New Zealand, and Matt Tebbutt, a British chef who lives for fine food and loves foraging for wild ingredients. The two couldn’t be more different, but these unlikely buddies have set themselves an ambitious goal to travel to some of the toughest environments on Earth and prove in just seven days that they can rustle up incredible food from the least likely of ingredients.

They’ll be visiting some of the planet's most remote regions, from the river valleys and cloud forests of Mexico to the ancient woodlands and arctic wastes of Europe. And to ramp up the challenge factor, they’ll be aiming to hunt and forage for everything they need to survive with the barest minimum in the way of equipment. But will the struggle to tame the wild push them and their skills to the limit?

Three days later is the brand new series premiere of Idris Elba: No Limits. Idris Elba immerses himself in aerobatics, rally driving and drag racing, and sets his sights on Malcolm Campbell's 1927 "Flying Mile" record. While attempting to master and compete in a range of disciplines, Idris gets thoroughly acquainted with the engineering, science and history behind each. He'll join professional teams, take on challenges, receive coaching from some of the world’s leading drivers and pilots, and meet fellow speed freaks to share tips on squeezing every last ounce of power out of his machines.

From Friday 9 October at 19:05, each episode will see Idris visit and gain inspiration from renowned motor sport competitions in Florida, California, the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. To push his car or plane to the limit, he gets under the bonnet and clocks up plenty of kilometres in preparation for the big race that will see him go head-to-head with the professionals.

In 1524, a hoard of Incan gold known as the "Treasure of the Trinity" was stolen. For five centuries, Jesuit priests, privateers such as Thomas Cavendish and others, including mathematician Paul Thiry, have searched for this legendary bounty, yet it has remained elusive. But a new theory has emerged about the hiding place chosen for this treasure - a remote location that is home to thousands of deadly vipers.

In Treasure Quest: Snake Island, premiering on Thursday 15 October at 20:00, a team of top explorers set out on a two-month journey to find this priceless hoard. Along the way, they'll need to solve complex mathematical clues and puzzles protecting the treasure - the same challenges that have frustrated their predecessors. But most of all, they'll need nerves of steel as they brave one of the world's deadliest spots, where a single careless step can cost not only an incredible fortune, but life itself.


Later in the month will see the return of Former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert in Manhunt 2.

Having showcased his superhuman ability to evade capture in the first series of Manhunt, he now reprises his role as human game for top trackers. During this gripping second season, Joel will pit himself against military-trained members of New Zealand's proud warrior race, the Maori, deep within Lord of the Rings country, and will be dodging backwoods survivalists in Florida. Amid the humid Southern swamps, can he elude South Carolina’s best men and their bloodhounds?

Migrating to Mexico, he'll challenge experts in tracking down fugitives and narco-traffickers. A whole continent away in Mongolia, the terrain will be as much of a test for Joel as for his hunters, while in the rugged Highlands of Scotland, they will be hot on the trail of our covert survivor.

Don’t miss the Season 2 premiere of Manhunt with Joel Lambert from Monday 26 October at 22:00.

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