The panel of judges on Dis.

Dis, brand new on VIA (147) in June, will help you find your new favourite eatery.

We all have our regulars: That sushi place around the corner, the pizza joint on the way home from work or the burger place with the Monday specials. You go there when you don’t feel like cooking, but you don’t want to search for a new place either. Dis, brand new on VIA (147) in June, will help you find your new favourite eatery.

A chirpy, quirky and curious panel of food lovers decides on a different meal every week – it might be a breakfast fry-up, a mushroom risotto or a hearty curry. They go in search of the restaurants with the best version of this meal they can find. Producer Neil van Deventer explains more: “We did a lot of research to find these restaurants and of course our panel also have their recommendations.”

After visiting the restaurants and tucking into its signature dish, our panel chats, discusses and ultimately decides if this particular steak or prawn stack is worth your pennies.

And it’s certainly an opinion of note. The panel consists of two comedian-cum-foodies, Melt Sieberhagen and Hannes Brummer, and two restaurant critics, food blogger Bianca du Plessis from Kitchen Vixen and restaurant reviewer Callie Maritz from Consumer Callie.

The first season covers restaurants in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria and Neil reckons, “anyone that’s adventurous about food, who don’t want to eat at the same chain restaurant all the time, will love Dis.”

So the next time you’re stuck for a place to eat, don’t go to the local around the corner with its average ribs, rather head out to a new spot for the best ribs of your life. Dis will introduce you to it, laughing as you go.

Dis starts on VIA (147) on Wednesday 8 June at 16:30.