Nat Geo, T. Rex

Catch Dino Week on National Geographic which will feature the T.Rex and other big beasts.

This week is Dino Week and things could not be more exciting!

Whether you’re an avid dino lover or a rookie to the world of ‘saurus, prepare to be blown away by all the knowledge coming your way.

National Geographic (DStv channel 181) has an epic line-up of all things dino.

T. Rex Autopsy airs on Monday, 8 June at 20:05 CAT. Prepare to see some gory but incredible new finds while these professionals get to discover the world’s first anatomically-correctly built T-Rex.

On Tuesday, 9 June, treat yourself to a little Top 10 Biggest Beasts Ever at 20:05 CAT where you can see some awesomeness in magnitude!

T. Rex Ultimate Survivor dazzles on Wednesday, 10 June at 20:05 CAT, followed by Dino Death Match at 21:00 CAT.

Last but not least, you can catch Bigger than a T. Rex on Thursday, 11 June at 20:05 CAT to round off your epic week of discovery.


So get the popcorn going and your dino slippers on and enjoy what Nat Geo has to teach you about prehistoric life this week!