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An image of  Prince Philip, Prince William, Count Spencer, Prince Henry and Prince Charles

It was a sad day worldwide as the princess of the people was laid to rest on the morning of 6 September 1997.

The Union flag was flown half mast and it went down in history as one of the most watched events in history, much like her wedding day. 

Thousands of people left flowers at the Buckingham Palace gates as mourners paid their last respects. 

The coffin was driven to Westminster Abbey. 

Attendees included British Minister Magaret Thatcher, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Tony Blair and Tom Cruise amongst others.  

Crowds lined the streets to catch a glimpse as the coffin drove past. The funeral was attended by about 2 000 people.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the documentary Diana: The Day the World Cried on Friday 1 September at 8pm on ITV Choice: 

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Her sons aged 15 and 12 walked behind the casket. Elton John also performed a re-worked rendition of Candle In the Wind.

See some pics from the day below:



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