Descendants 2

The popular Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants has a confirmed third movie.

Slow freak out: Disney’s Descendants 3 has been confirmed! In a brand new trailer that was released a few days ago, we’ve finally got confirmation to what we’ve all been waiting for!

Remember that time we chatted to the cast and Dove Cameron thanked fans for their support and hoped for another movie? Well, watch the video below to recap what she said about the Disney Channel Original Movie… because we’ve been wishing for this since the moment Uma served the drama.

The trailer has left us with many questions! Normally we see very short teasers, but this teaser trailer played out for a good portion of time with us seeing Mal address her father at the end!

Watch the teaser trailer below:

What does it all mean? Who could be Mal’s father? In all of the Descendants’ media including the books and animated shorts, when Mal’s father is referenced a handful of times, he’s always described as weak. We can rule out her friends' villain fathers which narrows the list a bit, but still has us wondering: who is powerful enough to have Maleficent succumb to a moment of weakness, in this case love.

The favourite of all the theories would be Hades. Hades is immensely powerful and could come the closest to being on the level of Maleficent’s levels of evil and power. When Hades is calm, he omits blue light, but when he’s angry he burns a blaring red. What colours do red and blue make? Purple! Perhaps we’re being too technical.

Descendants 3 does not have a confirmed date as yet, but can be expected in 2019. Keep tuned in to Disney Channel on DStv Channel 303 and streaming on DStv Now for all things magical and fun.

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