An image from World's Scariest S3 on Discovery Family.

Let's turn our attention to the world of deadly animals that have us in both fear and fascination.

Animals can be both wonderful and scary. Mother Nature continues to surprise at with some beautiful creatures who can in an instant turn deadly. On World’s Scariest S3 premiering Tuesday, 31 October at 21:00 on Discovery Family (DStv 136) we see just how deadly animals can become.

World’s Scariest looks at some of the most dangerous wildlife encounters and how they’ve turned scary fast. From free-divers coming face-to-face with seven deadly sharks to small yet vicious garden snakes.

Even though wild animals can have us cautious, they still keep us in wonder. Let’s see which animals continue to keep us fascinated – and fearful from a distance.


Perhaps it’s due to that insanely emotional scene from Finding Nemo, but the fear towards jellyfish is real. Little did we know the reason for their sting was due to the toxins that they omit.


Polar bears

These beautiful ice bears remain incredible. Did you know that under their think white fur, their skin is black? It helps attract the sunlight to keep them a little warmer during the below freezing temperatures.

Whale shark

Surprisingly not actually a whale, but whale sharks remain the biggest fish in the ocean (whales rule their own category – for obvious reasons).  They could rival a school bus in length. It’s hard to believe they’re filter feeders who prefer to eat plankton – the world is amazing!



Say hello to the world’s biggest rodents! Yes, these are massive nightmares come to life for most. Some say their babies remain some of the cutest in the world too… what do you think?



Hands up if you didn’t know there were 23 species of crocodiles in the world? These large reptiles continue to remain a mystery and wonder in their deadly – and mostly endangered state.

 Do you dare to venture further? Watch World’s Scariest S3 from Tuesday, 31 October at 21:00 on Discovery Family (DStv 136).