British actor David Robb who stars in Downton Abbey on the red carpet

Sundays will never be the same again! Downton Abbey S4 premieres on BBC Entertainment on 12 April at 21:00.

Sundays will never be the same again! Downton Abbey S4 premieres on BBC Entertainment on 12 April at 21:00 – so make sure to cancel all your plans and settle in for great DStv viewing.

We met David Robb’s character, the family’s Doctor Clarkson, in the second episode of this award-winning series, when Isobel Crawley questioned his methods of doing certain things.

And now in an interview, David says there may be a relationship on the horizon between the two characters.

"I think Julian [Julian Fellowes is the creator of Downtown Abbey] has introduced a frisson of middle aged love with my character and Penelope Wilton’s (Isobel Crawley). At the moment it hasn’t really flowered but I did have a couple of scenes in the Christmas episode where he downs a couple of sherbets and gets slightly fresh with her in a dignified sort of way. Which Isobel rather rebuffed so I don’t know whether there’s any future in this at all."

Although not much is known about Doctor Clarkson, Julian told the actors they should all create backstories for their characters, and David's come up with a pretty decent story for his character, and how he lost his one true love.

"My theory about my character was that he’d never married. He’s Edinburgh born, went to Edinburgh University, probably excelled in the sense that I suspect his parents were probably upper working class, so he’s really clawed his way up through his ability. He joined the army, because in the second series he was sporting South African medal ribbons, and he was in the Army medical corps in the Boer War. I also thought he’d been jilted at university by his one true love and he’s simply never found the right person in his life. So, here he is now in his late 50s, a GP in this bustling community."

And although David’s acted in other productions before (The Young Victoria, I, Claudius and Elizabeth: The Golden Age), it’s his experience on Downton Abbey that’s simply blown his mind. And he admits the success of the series is unprecedented.

"My character is some way down the food chain yet even I’m getting it. I was in the theatre the other night, and as I was edging along the aisle to sit down people were saying, ‘Oh my god we love the series, would you say hello to my daughter?’ And you just think, gosh this is absolutely extraordinary - it’s like being a Beatle."

Make sure you join David and the rest of the cast of Downton Abbey, when season four premieres on Sunday 12 April at 21:00 CAT.