Dangal family picture.

Catch this heart- warming tale of winning girl power with Aamir Khan at the helm, only on Zee TV, this June.

Zee TV’s June blockbuster Dangal is sure to grip Aamir Khan fans when it premieres on channel 452 at 16:00 CAT on Sunday 25 June.

Fresh from the cinema circuit, the movie tells the true story of former wrestler Mahavir Phogat (played by Aamir Khan who also produced the movie) and his daughters. 

Set in the rural village of Haryana, Mahavir is forced to quit wrestling to get a "proper job" and swears that one day his son will win a gold medal India. But alas! His wife gives birth only to girls. Determined to somehow achieve his unfulfilled dream, he decides to train his daughters to be wrestlers.

Together, they challenge the status quo and achieve what was seemingly impossible. His daughter, Geeta, goes on to become India's first female wrestler to win a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth games, and the first female wrestler to represent India at the Olympics. Her sister, Babita, also scoops multiple international accolades.

Incidentally Dangal, released at the end of 2016, became the highest-grossing non-Hollywood film in China, ever. Released in China on Friday 5 May this year, it has taken the ticket office by storm, grossing just over $169million in one month. The film's key theme of gender bias and obedience to one’s family, which resonated in India, seems to have struck a similar strong emotional cord with Chinese audiences. The family-driven society in China is as strong as it is in India. The status of women in society, particularly in rural society, is an issue that is faced in India and China daily.

While Geeta became the first Indian female wrestler to qualify for the Olympics, it is really the efforts of Mahavir that inspired women, particularly Indian women, to take on wrestling.

Catch this heart-warming tale of girl power with Aamir Khan at the helm, only on Zee TV, this June.