Characters from 90 Days to Wed.

Snuggle up and enjoy the best of love and romance on TLC Entertainment this February.

Snuggle up and enjoy the best of love and romance on TLC Entertainment this February. From matchmaking parents to an online dating guru, there is more help than ever for those seeking love. With modern dating, self-confidence overhauls, and weddings on a deadline, stay tuned to TLC to discover what it takes to find the perfect match.

We kick off with the season premiere of Married By Mom & Dad. In this brave new social experiment, men and women who have been unlucky in love agree to put their love lives and their futures in the hands of those who know them best - their parents. Once a suitable partner is found, the couple will tie the knot to find out if being married by mom and dad leads to "happily ever after", or not. Will these couples have their happy ending?

Find out on Married By Mom & Dad starting on Thursday 4 February at 20:55.

Married by Mom and Dad

Then, 90 Days to Wed sees six new couples travelling to the US on a so-called "fiancé visa". They have just 90 days to marry the American citizens waiting for them to avoid the visiting partner being deported. In this series, there’s plenty of hope for Fernando and Carolina as they both speak the same language and have the same religious faith, but American Kyle may find a rockier road with his future Thai bride, Noon. We also meet 50-year-old Mark, who is determined to make it work with 19-year-old Nikki, but will she still feel the same when he is 79 and she is 40?

Follow these lovers on their journey down the aisle from Wednesday 10 February at 20:00.

We continue with Love at First Swipe starting on Thursday 18 February at 20:00. For the modern dater, online profiles have become just as important as what you see in person. While swiping through hundreds of pages to find the perfect match, some have mastered the art of the selfie and the perfectly-written caption, but others are making bad choices that hurt their chances at finding love.

Catch former What Not to Wear host and style expert Clinton Kelly, and online dating guru Devyn Simone as they help these women become their best self, both inside-out and online. Clinton and Devyn unearth the rationale behind the photo and status update choices for each online dater and then help them transform their look and online presence. From online disaster to dating in style, these women leave with a new-found confidence to conquer the online dating world.