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Here's why you should watch season 9 of CSI: NY as told by the cast including Gary Sinise and more.

Universal Channel on DStv channel 117 is bringing you CSI: NY season 9 starting on Wednesday 31 January at 20:00. You can also stream it live on DStv Now

We got some insight on what to expect and about the characters in general from this interview with Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor, Sela Ward as Josephine Jo Danville and Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer. 

They also reacted to the idea to follow each of the characters on their day off. Gary says the audience wants a more in-depth view of their characters. " We are in our 9th Season now, we have a very loyal audience that wants to know more about the characters, they want to know what they are doing when they are not in the lab, they want to see that.  So the writers came up with a good idea to focus a specific number of episodes on individuals' time off and what they might be involved in. Some are very dramatic and some are very touching and moving."

Sela loves the idea, “I love going home with the characters. The mystery in playing Sherlock Holmes and solving the crime is great, but I do feel that the audience responds to getting to know their favourite people on the show a little bit better."

Carmine agrees, "I think those episodes are the best. Those are the ones that we get excited about and the fans do too. I'm surprised they don‟t do it more.”

There will also be guest star Josh Groban. 

See what else they had to say about their characters and the new season: