Crimes That Shook Australia is back with a second season of the true-crime documentary series. We're bringing you a quick look at what to expect in the brand new season.

Hosted by Stan Grant, Crimes That Shook Australia investigates Australian crimes that shocked and stunned the nation. Watch the second season premiere on Monday 2 April at 20:00 on Crime + Investigation and streaming on DStv Now.

Using gripping interviews with people at the heart of the tragedies, dramatic reconstructions and archive footage, it details the events leading up to the crime, the crime itself and the aftermath of the biggest crimes ever committed in Australia.

What can you expect from the second season? We've got some of the details on the must-watch season yet of the series that will have you hooked on every shocking detail.

Leading the season premiere is the story of Robert Farquharson - the man who killed his three sons on Father's Day in 2005 by driving them in his car into a farm dam. Was it an accident or was the intention there to kill? The trial has been on-going for many years, and now a closer look is given into what occurred during the horrid day 13 years ago that took the lives of Jai (10), Tyler (7) and Bailey (2).

The murder of Peter Falconio is what horror movies are made of: he disappeared in a remote part of Stuart Highway near Barrow Creek in the Australian outback with his partner. His body was never found, but after wide spread attention in the local and international news he was presumed dead. Nearly four years later, Bradley Murdoch was convicted of the murder. Now take a glimpse into the happenings that inspired a movie Wolf Creek and is still talked about today. 

You'd be shocked to know that John Leslie Coombes was convicted of two other killings before he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Raechel Betts. He served time in jail for two previous heinous killings, but it was the events of 2009 that sent him behind bars for life. 

We've scratched the surface of what to expect in Crimes That Shook Australia. What shook an entire country to its core, will have you in awe of the incredibly horrendous happenings committed by fellow humans. Not for the faint hearted or easily sensitive, the series will give you insight into some of the most well-known Australian crimes to date. 

Watch Crimes That Shook Australia S2 premiere on Monday 2 April at 20:00 on Crime + Investigation and streaming on DStv Now.