An image from the series CSI.

July is Crime Month on the Sony Channel (DStv Channel 127) with the debut of Season 11 of CSI.

July is Crime Month on the Sony Channel (DStv Channel 127) with the debut of Season 11 of the television juggernaut CSI, which revolves around an elite team of forensic investigators.

It was announced earlier this year that CSI will end its 15-year run later this year. However, the Sony Channel will give viewers the opportunity to relive their favourite moments of this global TV phenomenon with Season 11 on Tuesdays at 20:00.

CSI was a breakout hit when it debuted in 2000, averaging 20 million viewers by the end of Season 1 and ranking among TV’s Top 10 shows. It was such a success that it resulted in the spinoffs CSI: Miami, CSI Las Vegas, CSI: New York and CSI: Cyber.

With its ground-breaking mix of science and police procedures, CSI reinvented the TV crime genre. Here are just some facts regarding the hit show:

  • In a twist of fate, the CSI set was once broken into. Despite having some of the most sophisticated forensic equipment in the world to hand, they never caught the thieves.
  • Gil's last name was supposed to be "Scheinbaum" but when William Petersen was cast, Anthony Zuiker decided that he was "insufficiently Jewish" and along with William Petersen, decided to change it to "Grissom" after the astronaut.
  • Catherine and Nick were supposed to be a couple and the pilot was set for them to have a "make-out" scene in a parking lot but the idea was later scrapped.
  • The characters Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows are loosely based on real-life LVMPD criminalists Daniel Holstein and Yolanda McCrery.
  • All the equipment in the lab is fully functional, and was either purchased outright, or donated/loaned to the show for product placement.
  • Under the glass top of Grissom's desk is a photo of the series' executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer.
  • 18 November 2004, marked CSI's 100th episode. It also became the most watched episode in CSI history thus-far with 31.46 million viewers tuning in.

Happily Never After

Sony Channel’s Crime Month continues with Season 1 of Happily Never After each Sunday in July at 21:25. The marriage vow "till death do us part" lives up to its promise for the couples featured in this gripping series, a wedding show and police drama rolled into one.

Each episode tells the true story - narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Marlo Thomas - of a newlywed's murder, interspersed with flashbacks to happier days for the couple.

Dr. Wendy Walsh, who holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a co-host on the syndicated programme The Doctors, offers commentary on the behavioural twists and turns in each story.

Medical investigative drama Body of Proof, the popular series which focuses on a medical examiner’s efforts to balance the demands of her personal life with solving cases continues on the Sony Channel Tuesdays at 20:55.

The show stars Dana Delany as Dr Megan Hunt a top-flight neurosurgeon, until she had a life-changing automobile accident and then accidentally killed a patient on the operating table. But rather than end her medical career, Hunt becomes a medical examiner and develops a reputation for greying the line of where her job ends and the police begin their work.

SONY Channel airs on DStv (Channel 127).