Busiswa on stage.

Busiswa faced a number of obstacles but managed to put her Team KwaZulu-Natal together.

In Sunday's of Clash of the ChoirsBusiswa was hindered by a number of obstacles and came across some reluctant street crowds, putting a damper on her excited outlook, but she stuck to her guns, eventually putting the much-anticipated Team KwaZulu-Natal together.

Cape Town started off with typically gloomy weather for iFani, but the rap superstar persisted finding massive talent on the Cape Flats. iFani’s peculiar selection methods on the streets came under scrutiny at times, but on Day two at the call backs, he managed to see the light.

Things got a bit awkward for iFani when one of the hopefuls, Basetsana almost broke down, but both of them recovered from the incident with Basetsana eventually being included in his Western Cape 18.

Which choirmaster will have the staying power to go all the way to the end?

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